5 Bathroom Safety Tips for Adults and Children

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You have to be extra careful around your house when you have children or the elderly. The same goes for your bathrooms as well. In fact, people, especially children below 15, are more prone to getting injured in their bathroom compared to any other place in their house.

Let’s take a look at some tips for how you can keep your bathrooms safe for your children and yourself.

1. Prevent Slips and Falls

Keeping your bathroom floor dry is very important to avoid slipping. Bathroom tiles can get very slippery when wet and the slips can cause serious injuries.

You can also get non-slip tiles installed. These tiles give you a much better grip compared to conventional ceramic or porcelain tiles. You can also get non-slip mats for your bathroom floor.

You can also install tub pillows to protect against bathtub slips. Bathtub slips for children can result in head injuries, the impact of which bathtub pillows can mitigate.

2. Install Grab Bars

Grab bars can help you and your children maintain their balance in the bathroom. You can get grab bars installed on shower doors, adjacent to the wall near the bathtub, or by the toilet.

3. Install a Door Latch

Installing door latches at adult heights can ensure your child doesn’t enter the bathroom or access the shower without your supervision. This can help avoid water accidents and help you keep an eye on your child as well.

Door latches can be installed on the bathroom entry door, shower door, bathtub door, etc. Door latches also help you unlock the door from both ends. If your child locks themselves inside, it can come in very handy.

4. Keep Things Accessible

Keep everything your child needs to use well within their reach, like the toothbrush, facewash, soap, etc. Children reaching out for stuff or climbing can result in slips and falls and injuries.

5. Keep Your Bathroom Well Lit

A dark bathroom can result in injuries for not only your children but you as well. Make sure your bathroom is well lit at all times.

A toddler sitting on the bathroom floor

Old bathtubs and broken tiles can also result in bathroom accidents and injuries. If you need a bathroom renovation, we can help you.

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