5 Ways Why A Walk-In Shower Is Better Than A Tub

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Are you considering of remodeling your bathroom? On average, Americans spend around 8 minutes every day in the shower, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In recent years, walk-in showers have become very common as people are inclining toward saving water and space, however, much still depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.

Here’s a helpful guide on why installing walk-in showers is a good decision.

Walk-In Showers Take Up Less Space

Even though modern shower stalls are luxurious nowadays, it normally takes up less space in the bathroom, leaving room for a larger sink and other bathroom fixtures. On the other hand, a tub takes a considerable amount of space, which leaves less area for other amenities.

Walk-In Showers Are Easier to Clean

Cleaning the fixtures of a tub is more time-consuming, and it can be a challenge for some people. Many people get tired of deep cleaning their bathtubs and decide to change them due to the dirty fixtures. Washing away the walk-in shower area is much easier.

Walk-In Showers Use Less Water

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that a bathtub requires around 70 gallons of water while a shower uses 10 to 25 gallons. The amount of water used can also be reduced if you decrease the duration of your shower, contributing to saving water.

Walk-In Showers Are Disability-Friendly

Walk-in showers can be an essential need for some people. They are also safe for use when a family has children around so that there’s no danger of drowning in a tub due to negligence. Walk-in showers are also easier and safer to use for the elderly, those with limited mobility or those who are differently-abled.

A modern bathtub installed in a remodeled bathroom

Walk-In Showers Are Comparatively Cheaper

Installing a walk-in shower is a cheaper option than a tub, as less labor is required to set up the bathroom fixtures. They’re also easier to maintain and reglaze if there are cracks or damage in the stall compared to a bathtub.

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