Ask A Professional: How Do I Make My Bathroom Easier to Clean?

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Even though many of us like having a spotless bathroom, spending hours cleaning it feels like a nightmare. Hence, we’re all looking for approaches for quick and easy bathroom cleaning.

Now, if you intend on remodeling your bathrooms, why not make the most of the opportunity? You can drastically reduce the time you spend cleaning your bathroom with savvy design choices.

Let’s discuss how to create an easy-to-clean bathroom.

“Less Is More”

The best strategy for making a bathroom simple to clean is, to begin with the basics. This strategy is best encapsulated by the proverb: Less is more.

If easy cleaning is your goal, keep the design as minimal as possible. Cleaning is made easier when there are fewer contact points, cracks, edges, grooves, corners, joints, and congested areas. The first step in planning a simple-to-clean bathroom design is to have items that require less effort.

It is generally accepted that the more seamless something is, the easier it is to clean it. It helps you avoid cramped, hard-to-access areas.

Have Tiled Walls

Instead of having painted walls or wallpapers, have tiled walls to reduce the time needed to maintain or refinish walls. Painted walls near the shower can get dirty quickly, and the paint can strip off quickly due to humidity.

Whereas tiled walls can easily be cleaned with one sweep, they’re good as new.

It will be especially helpful in spots where fingers regularly touch the wall, like the sink area, around wall-mounted towel hooks, and close to lighting fixtures.

Choose Flooring That Requires Less Maintenance

Exploring the realm of easy-to-clean minimalist bathroom fixtures is the primary step towards easy bathroom cleaning, including bathroom flooring.

The discoloration and fungus that can form on the grouting in the bathroom flooring may make maintaining bathroom tiles challenging.

Bathrooms need to be functional, and the floor you choose might affect how much time you have to spend cleaning them.

Avoid tiling the bathroom floor with patterned ceramic tiles, particularly if there is a lavatory because you tend to wear your shoes around it.

The simplest and cleanest floor to maintain is one without seams, like a vinyl one with a cushioned backing or terrazzo.

Choose a Fixed Shower Door.

Shower doors and walls are constantly wet; therefore, regular cleaning is necessary to keep mold and sticky gunk accumulation at bay.

For an easy-to-clean bathroom, a fixed shower door is preferable over a movable or folding one, where there are minimal spots for water to collect and mold to grow.

If moisture retention is a problem in your bathroom, install a ventilation fan to keep the mold at bay.

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