Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for New Homeowners

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If you’ve bought a new home, you might be looking for ways to customize it to your preferences. One way to do that is to remodel the old bathroom and get a new one. There are a variety of changes and additions you can make to a conventional bathroom.

Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas for you.

1. Change the Shower Location

You might not like the location of your shower or it might be in the way of what you want your bathroom to look like. You can get your shower moved to a corner or in the middle, as you prefer.

2. Types of Bathtubs

There are a variety of bathtubs you can choose from if you’re planning to get a new one. If you’re going for a minimalistic look for your bathroom, go with a free-standing bathtub. Free-standing bathtubs take up the least space and are very sleek in design.

If you want more of a mini-spa look, you can opt for a drop-in tub in a corner where there’s plenty of space to keep your scented candles and other bath accessories. You can also opt for fancy bathtubs if you’re going for a luxury bathroom look. These bathtubs are available in different colors and sizes.

If you want to get rid of a bathtub because of limited space, you can also get it removed.

3. Backlit Mirrors

Another common addition modern-day homeowners like to make is backlit mirrors. These mirrors give your bathroom a luxurious and glamorous look. You can choose white or yellow light based on your bathroom design. You can also choose different mirror styles instead of conventional rectangular or oval-shaped mirrors.

4. Tile Design

When it comes to tile design, you’ll have a range of options as well. You can choose to go with a geometric tile design which has recently come back into fashion. Another popular design people go for is the white, minimalistic floor without any design or pattern.

Checkered Floor after Bathroom Remodeling

Whatever design you choose, we can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Reglazing Plus Inc has a team of experts that offer bathroom remodeling, renovation, and bathtub glazing services in Brooklyn, New York. We also offer tub cuts. You can reach out to us now for more information regarding our services.

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