Designing a New Shower — Some Thoughts for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom remodeling can be challenging. From deciding on the tiles to the sink to the shower, there are so many choices to be made! Given that the shower is perhaps one of the most pivotal aspects of a bathroom, you must only choose the best.

So, how can you decide which one is the right choice for you if you haven’t seen them all?

Well, don’t worry!

Here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling in Brooklyn, NY, including information about the different types of showers and the best bathroom remodeling company in NY.

Design a New Shower for your Next Bathroom Remodel

The Corner Shower for Space Savers

Although it’s restricted to a bathroom corner, this space-saving alternative is fairly flexible because it can be set up in shapes other than triangular. Though curved corner showers feature a round front with either a curtain or a glass door, rectangular variants often have sliding doors.

Then there’s the neo-angle shower, which has three glass edges at the front of the cubicle. This gives the bathroom a distinctively modern appearance and can also optimize the amount of floor space available as the shower doesn’t extend fully 90 ° into the room.

Walk-in Shower

Normally, this cubicle layout has three walls surrounding it and an entrance where the fourth wall would’ve been, enabling you to walk right in. The floor of a walk-in shower could be sloping downward to send water into the drain, or it might not have a barrier at all (also called a zero-entry). Although a curtain or doorway could be placed for privacy, a real walk-in shower does not have a wall to create the illusion of space.

Tub-shower Combo

The bathtub and shower are often combined to maximize the space in several small bathrooms.

Prefab Shower

This cubicle style is popular among DIYers and people on a budget because it is typically made of inexpensive acrylic or fiberglass and is fairly straightforward to install. A precast shower can come with a showering pan, two lateral walls, a back wall, and a curtain as one molded piece or as many components (unless you prefer a wall).

Select your Showerhead

Once you’ve decided how you want your shower to be like, selecting the right showerhead is next. And there are multiple options to choose from:

Waterfall: A waterfall showerhead is a way to mimic nature; it produces a spray that is wider and more powerful than versions that simulate rainfall. Typically rectangular in design and with a modern aesthetic, this sort of fixture may even have mood lighting.

Rainfall: A rainfall showerhead produces a vertical spray intended to resemble pleasant rainfall and is bigger than normally fixed showerheads. This is in contrast to a standard showerhead, which directs the water spray at an inclination. The spray is less energetic and more soothing due to the light pressure.

Handheld: A handheld showerhead gives you the flexibility to aim the water spray anywhere you want it, which is useful for bathing small kids, washing the shower’s surfaces, soothing tight muscles, or removing shampoo.

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