How Getting Your Bathroom Renovated At The Right Time Can Cost You Less

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Bathroom renovations can eat up a lot of your money, especially if you’re looking to get a new shower and bathtub installed. However, if you’re careful and plan beforehand, you won’t have to spend so much on renovating your bathrooms.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some ways to spend less on your bathroom renovation:

Look out for leaks

One of the best ways to save yourself from a major loss is to look out for leaks. A continuous dripping sound is a sure sign that your fixtures are in desperate need of repairs. Whether it’s your shower, toilet, or sink leaking, water leaks can cause extensive damage to your property. Not only that, but they’ll also lead to higher water bills.

Since leaks are easy to overlook, you should always be cautious. If the water continues dripping after you’ve turned the tap off, consider calling a plumber immediately to prevent the situation from worsening.

Keep an eye out for the paint peeling off

Most people mistake peeling paint for a cosmetic fix. However, it can also signify moisture and mold buildup or that the paint isn’t strong enough to withstand repeated steam and moisture exposure.

Regardless, paint tends to fade or peel over time, so instead of getting all worked up, try installing exhaust fans in your bathrooms. This will circulate the air and enhance the indoor air quality, saving you the repaint cost.

Watch out for mold growth

Damp and humid bathrooms provide mold the perfect atmosphere to grow. You’ll find mold growth wherever there’s a leaking pipe or moisture. Getting rid of mold from a bigger surface area doesn’t just strain your finances, but it also puts you and your family at a health risk. Mold growth will attract various insects, all of which are dangerous to one’s health.

Look for dark stains at the edge of your tub or shower. You might also see black stains on your ceiling since water leaks can creep onto various corners. Mold tends to spread across your tile grout as well. Always open your windows and turn the exhaust fan on when in the shower. If you notice mold growing in multiple places, consider hiring cleaning services to get rid of it immediately.

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