How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom needs to be thoroughly cleaned once a month to eliminate bacteria and maintain its appearance. A deep clean of your bathroom includes cleaning and disinfecting areas you don’t usually pay attention to. Here’s how you can deep clean your bathroom:

Things You’ll Need

First thing’s first: collect all cleaning items you need before getting to the task. Essentials include anti-bacterial solution, microfiber cloths, toilet cleaner, mildew removing solution, scrub, pair of cleaning gloves, and your vacuum.

Remove Articles

Start by turning on the fans in your bathroom or opening the windows to ensure there’s plenty of air circulation and ventilation. Before you start deep cleaning, remove all items such as your toiletries, towels, and clothes from the bathroom. These items also include anything you touch daily such as your shampoo bottle. Keep all these articles in one place. Then, wash the clothes, towels, and mats to get rid of bacteria and dirt accumulating on them. Spray the rest with an anti-bacterial solution and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Once your bathroom is decluttered, it’s time to remove the dust.


Vacuum your bathroom floor to remove dust, hair, and dirt. It would help if you also used the vacuum in your shower floor, sink, and inside your cabinets. Make sure to reach every small space with a vacuum to ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned.

Person using squeegee to wipe a shower’s glass wall

Wipe Surfaces

Next comes the deep surface cleaning part. Wear the cleaning gloves before starting and use a microfiber cloth and anti-bacterial solution to wipe down the surfaces in your bathroom. You can also use this on handles, cabinets, and taps. Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the mirrors in your bathroom with another microfiber cloth. Using a cleaning solution for mildew and a scrub, clean your walls. Use a squeegee to wipe down your shower walls if they’re made of glass.

Toilet and Drains

Pour the toilet cleaner into the bowl and scrub, and let the cleaner stay in for 15 minutes to effectively clean bacteria there. Then focus on the exterior of the toilet and wipe down everything with the anti-bacterial solution. After you’re done cleaning the lid and seat, flush it down. Pour in a drain cleaner into your shower and sink drains to remove any clogs forming or insects living there.

Mop Floor

Now that every surface of your bathroom is cleaned, wipe the floor with a mop and a surface cleaner. Leave your bathroom to air-dry for half an hour. Once it is dry, place your articles back as they were.

Deep cleaning your bathroom can ward off any health issues that may arise due to unhygienic conditions. If your bathroom needs a restoration which a deep clean isn’t getting, consider remodeling your bathroom. We’re one of the best bathroom refinishing companies in Manhattan, NY. Contact us to learn more about our reglazing services.

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