How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Hygienic

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Maintaining a bathroom and keeping it clean and sanitary is one of our top priorities. However, this is not a task everyone looks forward to. This is why we are sharing a few tips for daily maintenance that will help you enjoy your baths in the bathroom rather than dreading them.

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Hygienic

The most used room in a house is often the bathroom, which can quickly turn into an unsanitary health hazard if neglected (even for a brief time). Shower heads and faucets gather limescale, hair clogs drain holes, and mold can start growing on the surfaces. However, these cleaning tips from experts will definitely help you keep your bathroom in order.

Wipe Walls After Shower

Wipe off the shower glass or walls with a little squeegee to avoid water stains and particle accumulation. If you ignore this, the water spots on the walls won’t just be visible; if they are left there for a long enough time, they will harden into a white appearance. Wipe off your shower daily to provide the best defense from water stains on your walls.

Disinfect the Sink

Keep a supply of sanitizing wipes close to your washroom sink so they are easy to access when cleaning. After washing your hands or brushing your teeth, simply wipe off the faucet and sink to give your bathroom a just-cleaned appearance.

Toilet Maintenance

If the toilet is not maintained, you only introduce yourself to germs. Using a cleaning fluid to scrub the toilet keeps germs in control and leaves the bowl looking polished and spotless. Keep your toilet bowl brush and cleaner in view next to the toilet as a reminder to scrub the area around the toilet bowl.

You could also use sanitary wipes to eliminate dust from the toilet surfaces. If you can, cleanse the toilet bowl each day to every two days. Also, clean the tank. If not, consider once per week as the bare minimum for a clean bathroom.

Keep all Bathroom Surfaces Clean

Set aside sometime every week to clean all bathroom surfaces, including floors, counters, sink, tub, and shower.

Use a Vacuum in the Bathroom

Make scrubbing the floor every day or alternate day duty; trust us, it will feel less overwhelming.

Because dust and hair gather easily in bathrooms, keep a small vacuum or broom there so you can easily clean the surfaces before leaving. Remember to vacuum or sweep the edges of the bathroom, behind the toilet, and beneath the cupboards, where dust and filth can accumulate secretly.

These five minutes every day will keep the deep cleaning away!

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