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How to Prepare For Bathtub Reglazing?

Bathtubs tend to get old and dingy with time. If you’re not ready to go for a complete bathtub replacement, you can always aesthetically uplift your tub’s appearance with bathtub reglazing.

Reglazing is a cost-effective, convenient and a less time-consuming option than getting a new bathtub installed. A reinstallation process requires the dismantling of plumbing lines and purchase of a fancy new tub. Reglazing provides your bathtub a brand-new look in a more affordable and convenient way. However, it demands a little bit of preparation.

Remove Personal Belongings

There should be no obstacle hindering professionals from doing their job. Remove everything from the sides and top of your bathtub. This means your shampoo, conditioner, essential oils, shaving cream, moisturizers, soap, and decoration plants need to be relocated.

Your shower curtains also need to be removed; don’t leave them hanging around to disrupt the workflow.

Let the contractor know if your bathroom walls are covered with wallpaper. The glazing process can damage wallpaper if they’re left unprotected. Ask the contractor to cover the walls with masking tape, and your bathtub is ready for reglazing.

Keep It Clean

Reglazing is a cosmetic upgrade that works closely on the tub’s surface. In order to make sure that the contractor reaches the surface, you need to remove several layers of dust, grime, and oil beforehand.

Scrape away all the soapy material and silicone layers accumulated on your tub over the years. Pay extra attention to the drain area, as this spot is known for buildups.

Scrub, scrape and rinse the tub’s surface thoroughly to prevent debris and residue from decreasing the reglazing glow.

Make Repairs Before You Reglaze

The last thing you would want to witness, after finishing your reglazing job is a broken fixture or dent in the back of your tub. Avoid the pain and struggle of performing a repair on a freshly reglazed surface by inspecting your bathtub beforehand.

Look for cracks, dents, plumbing issues, and broken fixtures. All repairs should be done in advance to avoid damage to the reglazed surfaces.

Lastly, get in touch with a reliable and well-reputed bathroom renovation, remodeling and refinishing company offering bathtub reglazing and other bathroom improvement services like Reglazing Plus Inc.

Our reglazers ensure affordable and durable services that can transform your bathrooms into a one-of-a-kind beauty. If you’re looking for a bathroom refinishing company offering quality bathtub re-glazing services in Brooklyn – NY, we’re here to help!

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