Think You Need A New Bathtub? Consider Refinishing It Instead

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Has the gloss of your bathtub waned a bit? Does it appear dreary or outdated? It’s possible that the finishing on your long-lasting tub will not endure as long as the rest of it.

When your bathroom, particularly your tub, appears to have witnessed brighter days, you might consider updating it. Instead of purchasing a new bathtub, consider having it refinished. Here’s why:

It’s Quite Cost-Effective

You could initially assume that a tub refinishes costs equal buying a brand-new bathtub. Here’s the truth.

The price of the tub may be similar to the cost of the refinishing procedure; however, the price of a complete replacement would be considerably high.

Bathtub installation involves removing the old tub from its placement, disconnecting the piping and fittings, removing sidewalls or flooring surrounding the tub, fixing the flooring, or tile surrounding the tub, installing the replacement tub, swapping out the fittings, and reconnecting everything.

Professional bathtub refinishing will give you flawless and durable results, so before you begin your DIY Bathtub Restoration venture, please speak with a professional.

It Requires Minimal Labor

Tub replacement is not an easy task. The tub must first be removed, which might compromise your shower fittings or the tiles. The size of your tub could also make it difficult to move it around your house. You might need to split the bathtub into small, easier-to-handle parts.

On top of that, all the movement and relocation could need installing new plumbing, flooring, and tiles. If not all, some patching and fixing with paint will be necessary.

As for bathtub refinishing, none of these operations are needed. One or two professionals can easily undertake all the repairs and hand you a good new bathtub within a few days.

Can Retain Antique Fittings 

You’ll be unable to locate a similar replacement for an old cast iron bathtub. Try to keep the existing bathtub if you wish to preserve your home’s heritage. You may do that by refinishing.

Furthermore, replacing a cast iron bathtub with a lightweight version would be wasteful because they survive significantly longer than fiberglass models.

Bathtub Refinishing Can Last Longer Than a Fiberglass Replacement

The lifespan of a refinish is around ten years. The lifespan of brand-new fiberglass bathtubs isn’t as long enough.

When you don’t replace your bathtub, you can get it refinished several times. You will not need a replacement if you handle your refinished bathtub well.

There are several benefits to bathtub refinishing over replacement. You will save a ton of money and put even less effort into achieving similar outcomes.

Professional Bathtub Refinishing in New York

If your bathtub needs a makeover and you are not ready to invest in a new bathtub, Reglazing Plus Inc. can help you out.

Reglazing Plus is a bathroom refinishing, remodeling, and renovation company in Manhattan, NY, for all your bathroom problems.

Their skilled staff will transform your dull and problematic bathroom into a thing of beauty within a few hours.

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