What Your Bath Tub Says About You

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Your bathtub requires regular cleaning. Cleaning off soap stains, dirt, and grime from your bathtub can help protect its shine for a longer period. Follow these expert tips to keep your bathtub in a spick and span condition.

1) Tackle Tough Spots

Removing grime, grout and leftover soap stains can be difficult to handle with textured bathtubs surfaces. These tough spots can be hard to clean with a regular cleaning agent. Scrub the surface with an iron sponge soaked in dish soap for effective results. Include this chore in your daily cleaning routine for a spotless finish.

2) White Vinegar to the Rescue

Vinegar contains a lot of disinfectant properties. Make a solution of three parts vinegar with two parts water and spray the entire bathtub twice a week, in addition to the faucets, showerheads and shower curtains. Rinse it all with cold water and you are good to go!

3) Get All The Essential Tools

Bathtub with cleaning tools

Studies show that E. coli, streptococcus and staph  thrive in warm, wet bathtubs. Keep all essential cleaning supplies near your bathtub in a cabinet. Make sure you have a bath scrubber; a cleaning detergent with a degreaser, hand towel, spray bottle, bleach, and a sponge stored away to make daily wipe-downs a breeze.

You can also opt for professional bathtub reglazing services in Manhattan.

4) Flush out the Jets

For whirlpool tubs, it’s important to clean out the jets on a monthly basis. If you have an air bath, then flushing out the jets can be very easy. Simply turn on the jets when the bath is empty. Doing so will dry out your air bath jets in a matter of seconds.

In case of a whirlpool tub, turn on the water until the water comes a few inches above the jets. At this point, you can add a vinegar solution or a cleaning agent like bleach. Let it set in for a while before you turn on the jets. Drain the tub and repeat if necessary. This method will prevent mold and debris from building up.

5) Remove Stains

Take care of stubborn bathtub stains with white vinegar solution or sprinkle baking soda on it. Use a bath scrub to work the mixture into a paste. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary. Excessive discoloration can make your bathtub look unappealing and outdated.

If you notice cracks, rust, or scratches on the bathtub, then it’s a good chance it might need professional bathtub reglazing.

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