5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs Refinishing

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Bathrooms are susceptible to wear and tear due to excessive use of water and moisture inside. You need to take care of your bathroom and maintain it thoroughly to make it last longer. Since it’s an essential part of your home, you must keep it fresh and clean.

If you don’t feel like letting your guests see your bathroom, it probably means it requires refinishing because it looks old and dull. Here are some signs that indicate that you should get your bathroom refinished.

1. The Bathroom is Dark

No one wants a dark, gloomy bathroom. Your bathroom may appear dark or dull for a lot of reasons. First, get better lighting installed. After that, get your tiles repainted so they shine and give your bathroom a fresher look.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub, you might notice the tiles in the area you take a shower may have their texture changed and paint worn off.

2. The Fixtures are Stained and Rusty

Bathroom fixtures can collect rust and stains over the years which make them look old and dirty. Get your bathroom fixtures cleaned thoroughly with strong cleaning agents and rust removal mixtures to give them a shiny, fresh look.

3. Faucets Are Leaking

Another sign that indicates your bathroom needs refinishing is the leaking faucets. Contact a professional bathroom refinishing company and get your faucets checked.

Finding the cause of the leak is important. You can replace your faucet but if it keeps leaking, it can stain the sink or the bathtub and cause water damage.

4. Stained Bathtub

You might wonder why did your bathtub stain. After all, it’s one of the cleanest spots in your bathroom. Bathtubs can get stained from leftover soap and debris from when you take baths. These stains don’t wash away with warm water and need thorough cleaning using concentrated mixtures.

Glazing bathtubs involve concentrated chemicals, which necessitates the use of protective equipment. It’s better to let a professional bathtub glazing company that has adequate experience and safety equipment handle these tasks to save yourself the trouble.

Non-slippery bathroom tiles in black color

5. Chipped Tiles or Sink

Get your chipped tiles or sink fixed immediately, especially if you have kids or elders using that particular bathroom. Chipped tiles and sinks can have sharp edges and pose a safety hazard as bathroom floors can be slippery due to water and moisture on the surfaces.

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