5 Signs Your Bathtub Needs Reglazing

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Porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs are coated with a special substance known as a glaze. It is harder and thicker than gel platings but can still wear over time. When a bathtub surface gets damaged, you should consider reglazing it to increase its longevity and promote healthier living for you and your family.

Here’s how you can tell when to invest in bathtub reglazing services:

1. Chipped Finishing

If you notice minor chips and dings on the surface of your bathtub, it’s a clear indication that it needs reglazing. Chipped bathtubs ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom and are unhygienic. Every time you have guests over, you’d worry about them using the restroom. Therefore, save yourself from the embarrassment and get your bathtub reglazed.

2. Discoloration

Was your bathtub once a beautiful white color but now has a pale-yellow shade? It’s probably because its finish has worn off or dulled with time. The discoloration is a sign that you should invest in bathtub reglazing services. If you wish to improve the color of your bathtub, you can also try bathtub refinishing along with reglazing.

3. The Tub Isn’t Luminous

A shiny bathtub reflecting candlelight

A well-maintained tub will have a glossy surface. Over time, factors like harsh chemical cleaners and hard water can affect the glaze of your bathtubs. Once the glaze loses its shielding property, your bathtub will be prone to dirt, grime, and germs. It will lose its beauty and ruin the overall outlook of your setting. Reglazing will add a protective layer to your tub and give it a new life altogether! Once you see the results, you’re going to love the new look of your bathroom.

4. Tub Wouldn’t Clean

A deteriorating glaze will fail to protect your bathtub from dirt and contaminants. You try scrubbing and bleaching but can’t seem to get rid of stains. This is because hard water, chemicals, and lack of proper maintenance have destroyed the bathtub’s finish, making it a porous surface. Contaminants in the atmosphere settle on this surface and make your bathtubs look gross.

Therefore, once you reglaze your bathtub, ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistake. Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials to improve the lifespan of your reglazed bathtub.

5. Leaking Tubs

Leaking tubs are evidence that the previous glaze is damaged. A leaking tub damages the foundation of your house and causes mold growth. Mold growth can negatively impact the health of you and your family members. Therefore, bathtub reglazing will ensure you live a healthy lifestyle!

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