5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Spacious

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Many of us daydream about having an enormous bathroom with a separate tub and showers, several sinks, and perhaps even a couch for resting between those luxurious soaks. But, whether you live that fantasy or not, you can make your bathroom live up to its maximum potential by employing simple tricks to make it appear spacious.

From carefully selecting its color scheme and important fixtures to applying a few smart optical illusions, anyone’s bathroom can look bigger than it is with tailored bathroom remodeling.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can employ while making your bathroom look more spacious:

Choose A Light Color Palette

Using many light colors in tiles, paints, and vanities is one of the simplest techniques to make your bathroom appear bigger. The color recedes naturally, making the room appear larger. It also reflects light instead of absorbing it.

Finishings with a lighter color may make any space appear larger, but they work particularly well in the bathroom. Because a bathroom has many white fixtures (such as the bathtub, toilet, and sink), choosing light colors for other walls produces a cohesive aesthetic that helps the area feel tranquil and spacious.

Use Accessories That Employ Glass

Unlike vintage patterned glass showers, the transparent glass will open up your bathroom by removing visual restrictions. A big benefit of glass shower screens is allowing sunlight into your bathroom space. If you prefer additional seclusion, consider a glazed or tinted glass screen, which will still allow plenty of light to pass through and make your bathroom appear less cramped.

Decorate With Mirrors

By filling the space and generating an optical illusion, enormous mirrors create a beautiful effect. However, ensure a good foreground is projected in the mirror. You may also hang a gorgeous chandelier in front of a mirror since positioning a light source near the mirror will reflect light into the room. This increases the overall brightness of the room, making it appear larger. Building a wall of reflective tiles will make your space feel larger and instantly reflect the light for visual appeal.

Use A Lot Of Lighting

If you leave your bathroom at the mercy of natural light, it will only appear larger during the daytime and then revert to a cramped appearance when the sun sets. A simple solution is to add bright lighting fixtures. Then, you can flip a switch at night to have the lights take over until the sun rises the next morning.

A white-themed bathroom

Make Sure There Is No Clutter

Cluttered bathrooms can be a struggle for any homeowner, so consider bathroom storage options. Storage cabinets, hidden mirrored wall closets, towel ladders, cleverly positioned shelves, and even stylish shelving ladders provide storage space in your bathroom. Always attempt to be innovative in improving its aesthetic appeal.

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