6 Bathroom Trends You May Want To Re-Think

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Not all design trends are functional or beautiful. While some remain loved for years and years, others are forgotten pretty soon.

The same goes for bathroom styles and designs. Here are a few trends that you should skip out on for your bathroom:

Intricately Patterned Floor Tiles:

While graphic patterns are currently en vogue, they can just as quickly go out of fashion. Your bathroom, however, will have to stick with the same tiles for a fair amount of time, forcing you to look at these same tiles every time you shower.

Patterned tiles also require professionals to install them, so if you want to commit to them, choose a striped or chevron pattern strip that won’t overpower the rest of the bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Faucets:

Wall-mounted faucets look classy with counter mounted sink bowls, but all of these fixtures will need to have hidden pipes behind a wall.

As a result, any leaks in those pipes will result in expensive repairs. Instead, install the faucet on a countertop to make it more accessible for plumbing repairs and maintenance.

A bathroom with wood-like tiles on the floor

Hardwood Flooring:

While wood gives off a warm and inviting look, you can’t use it in a bathroom unless you intend on drying it thoroughly after every use.

Use a wood-like tile to achieve the same look but in porcelain to keep it sanitary.

Exposed Plumbing:

Exposed plumbing can give off a Parisian industrialist vibe and looks cool, but it may not be for everyone.

If you have small kids, it may be impractical to have exposed plumbing, as they might be tempted to play on it, resulting in broken pipes. It could be a deal-breaker for future buyers as well, so choose carefully.

Doorless Showers:

A lot of large showers are built without doors, giving you more space in a small bathroom.

However, a shower door allows you to keep water off the rest of your bathroom floor and keeps the humidity inside. It also keeps you warm while you shower, so a door less shower may not be for everyone.

No Tubs:

Many people now prefer having a shower in their master bathrooms instead of tubs, and while this may be better for the environment, it may not bode well if you want to resell your home at any point.

Families with small children will prefer a bathtub to bathe their kids, so if you remove the only bathtub in your house, you may want to reconsider it.

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