A Guide to Maintaining Your Bathroom Countertops

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Maintenance for your countertops depends largely on the type of materials they are made from. Some popular choices include wood, granite, marble tiled, glass and even laminate. You may not have deliberated much on which countertop to get for your bathroom because you didn’t think it was that important. But the truth is bathroom countertops are most likely to wear out just as quickly as kitchen countertops.

Even if you opted for the most functional option without giving aesthetic too much thought, countertops tend to fade fast. And as one of the elements in the bathroom which draws attention to the eye, it’s important to keep your countertops in top shape.

Here are ways to keep countertops of different materials clean so they can last a long time.


Use a sponge wipe or a soft cloth to wipe off dirt build-up. Apply a multi-purpose cleaner on the surface before doing so. You can end up causing scratches on glass surfaces if you use cleaners and tools which are too harsh.

Scratches and smudges look unappealing on glass surfaces and can even be dangerous for your family, especially if you have children. The best way to remove smudges is to use some dishwashing liquid with lukewarm to hot water and just lightly scrubbing it. This can also get rid of grime, which may have hardened over time.


Countertops made with laminate are easy to clean with a range of cleaners. This includes a mild bleach cleaning solution, less abrasive kitchen cleaning detergent or even warm water with soap. With cleaning liquids that may seem too strong, it’s always best to test them out on a small patch.

You can remove stains easily by using a baking soda paste and applying it directly. Let it sit and then wipe away with the help of warm water.

countertop materials in the bathroom


This is the most popular choice for countertop materials in the bathroom. This is because they are super versatile and durable. They give a classy finish and can help your bathroom look clean and spotless.

All you need to remove stains and build-up is a tooth brush or mild bleach. You can use multi-purpose cleaners and less abrasive kitchen cleaners to wipe off dirt. Soaps are not as effective as they leave a film behind. A popular organic cleaning trick is to use white vinegar in water to remove build-up.

If you feel like no amount of cleaning is helping your countertops anymore, you can always get them re-glazed.

For a minimal cost, you can get reglazing solutions at Reglazing Plus Inc. which can completely transform your entire bathroom. Contact us at 866-399-8827 to learn more about our services.

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