A Professional’s Guide On the Tile Refinishing Process

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If your bathroom has molds growing out from the corners, rust on mirrors, and discolored tiles, maybe it’s time for you to start looking for bathroom remodeling services. But, if you are new to the whole bathroom renovation thing, you should get more information on this. Tile refinishing is a whole process that makes an old tile look new. Getting your tiles refinished can add a whole new look to your otherwise old bathroom.

Why Should We Refinish Our Tiles?

If you are on a budget and still looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom, bathroom refinishing is what you should go for. Tile refinishing is more affordable than replacing tiles completely. It is also faster to happen. Replacing all the tiles of a bathroom takes weeks. Refinishing it merely takes weeks. Not to mention that by getting your tiles refinished, you can also get a changed color scheme. This is one way to keep up with the color schemes without getting a dent in your wallet.

Coming to exactly how tile or bathroom refinishing happens, we have a useful guide for you. Scroll down to read all that you need to know about the tile refinishing process.

1- Look for a Bathroom Refinishing Service

Starting with the most important step, you have to look for a professional bathroom refinishing company. Make a list of all the available options in your area. Read up their reviews. Keep your budget in mind and meet as many of them as possible. Explain what you have in mind to them, and let them handle the rest.

2- Repairing All the Damaged Tiles

This step comes second to hiring a professional bathroom refinishing company. The hired company will fill up all the cracks in the tiles, which means that replacing the tiles won’t be necessary for this bathroom refinishing process.

Repairing Damaged Tiles

3- Etching and Priming the Tile

In the bathroom refinishing process, repairing the tiles is followed by etching them. The tiles are sanded to prepare them for the next step. This is followed by priming the tile so that the paint would stick to it properly and be long-lasting.

4- Applying Ceramic Glaze as Top Coat

The last step of the tile or bathroom refinishing process is to coat the top of the primed tiles with ceramic glaze. The topcoat would take around 24 hours to dry completely, after which your brand new bathroom is ready!

Your main role in this tile and bathroom refinishing process is to select the best option for bathroom refinishing in Brooklyn. Reach out to us at Reglazing Plus, Inc. and see your bathroom tiles sparkle as never before!

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