Contemporary Bathroom Ideas For You

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Contemporary designing has to do with modern design trends and materials. From easy and quick switches to gorgeous new floor trends, contemporary bathroom ideas can give you inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling job.

From switching to an electronic brush to opting for modern spa-like features, transitioning to a contemporary bathroom is not as scary as some people might think. Whether you want to go for a bolder color or a sleek monochrome look, here are some modern trends for bathroom renovations.

Add a Statement Mirror  

Start your bathroom decoration journey with a modern statement mirror. Mirrors can be more than just reflective glass; they can improve your bathroom’s appearance. There are many options available, so it is important to opt for something that reflects your personality. Whether you go for a smart mirror with steam-free settings or pick up an ornately-framed mirror, there are many options to choose from.

Atmospheric Lightning

An adequate amount of lightning is the main feature of any bathroom design. Some people prefer bright illumination, and some choose warm lights. Contemporary bathroom trends are incorporating more industrial-style lighting designs.

Go for Chrome, Copper or Gold

Adding a metallic accent to your bathroom will give it an extra oomph. The use of copper is being resurrected in contemporary bathroom design. The cool kids are using rose-gold themes in their spaces. You can choose to redo your bathroom with one of these themes.

If you want to go for a subtler theme, you can choose chrome or gold over copper to get that metal magic. Or, if you do not want to be too tacky, you can add that metal touch through faucets, showers, towel rails or lighting fixtures.

A modern style golden faucet

Be Creative with Pattern and Color

Neutral color themes are not everyone’s cup of tea; some people might think of them as boring. If you want to give your bathroom a pop, you can choose abstract patterns or bold colors.

Most people look for dark bathroom themes on Instagram. Maybe you can double-tap on more bright eye-catching designs for a change.

Modern Bathroom Tiles Designs

If you want to give your bathroom a modern touch, you can go for a geometric or mosaic bathroom tile design. You can also choose to add a monochrome scheme for a muted feature and pair it with brass fittings for a warm note.

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