Contemporary Ideas for Bathroom Accessories

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Your bathroom isn’t the first room the guests might see when visiting your house. Still, the overall look of this essential part of the house holds a lot of significance in how people perceive it. A well-designed bathroom doesn’t only impress guests but also gives personal pleasure.

If you’re looking for elegant accessories ideas for your bathroom renovation, you’ve come to the right place.

Modern Square Bathroom Sinks

Square accessories and fixtures give a very contemporary look. Modern design is typically more clean and simple, and square features like installing a simple square sink can make your bathroom look modern. Moreover, get a sink with a matte finish as matte finishes are very modern.

Towel Warmer

Drying yourself with a warm towel after a shower is one of the nicest feelings. A towel warmer can be a great modern addition. With a towel warmer, you can leave your towels to dry after using them so that you don’t have a use damp and moist towel

Heated Bathroom Floor

No one likes a cold bathroom, especially in winters. Modernize your bathroom with a heated floor. Heated bathroom floors can make your bathrooms comfortable and appealing, and they are the epitome of luxury. If you want an easier solution, you can add a heat mat. They are the easiest and relatively affordable way to do this.

Modern Grab Bars

The thought of getting older might not seem so pleasant, but it’s inevitable. Many homeowners forget to consider accessibility during their bathroom remodeling project. Add modern grab bars for convenience and safety. Grab bars don’t have to be basic and boring; nowadays, you can get many modern grab bar designs that make your bathroom stand out.

A modern freestanding bathtub in a bathroom

Freestanding Tub

A big freestanding bathtub can be an eye-catching feature if you’ve enough space in your bathroom. Add a sculptural or a claw-foot freestanding tub to your bathroom for a luxurious and chic feature. There are no hard rules here; combining old and new can be very modern.

Gold Accents All-Around

One of the simplest yet modern bathroom renovation ideas is to include gold finishes throughout the space for a more upscale appeal without spending too much money. There are endless opportunities to add this high-end metallic touch, from mirror frames to light fixtures to drawer pulls to faucets.

Liven it Up

You can always add some greenery if you want to liven up your bathroom. Indoor plants like cactuses are perfect for bathrooms as they don’t need much water and can tolerate humidity well. However, if your barroom has a windowless bath or you are not sure about tending to a huge indoor plant, there are many beautiful faux options in the market.

After selecting your favorite accessories, hiring a professional bathroom renovation service is important, so your bathroom remodeling needs are met properly. Learn more about our services for bathroom renovation in Brooklyn, and let Reglazing Plus, Inc. bring your classy vision to reality!

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