How to Liven Up an Old Bathroom

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No matter how old or new, your bathroom always has to be a place of peace for you. By giving your restroom a renovation, you can make the space more comfortable. Luckily, there are some bathroom refinishing companies in New York that provide excellent services for this very purpose. Check out our website Reglazing Plus Inc. for your bathroom revamping needs.

Who is to say glamming up your bathroom involves heavy reconstruction and thousands of dollars? Contrary to those popular remake videos on the internet, you can simply liven up your bathroom using the simple tips below.

A beige-themed bathroom with cabinets and a shower curtain

Tips to Achieve Your Feel-New Bathroom

1. Brighten up Those Tiles

Did you know you can have brand-new tiles without replacing them with different ones? Tile reglazing is a great way to clean and refresh your tiles while saving time and money. Check out Reglazing Plus Inc’s tile and bathtub reglazing services to give your tiles a good-as-new look.

2. Accessorize

You can never go wrong with adding a few small plants or decorated ceramic toothbrush holders to your bathroom. Try adding a small shelf below your mirror to add some substance to your old look.

You can also add vibrant wallpaper to your bathroom walls. Wallpapers are easy to install, come in a variety of colors, and are pocket-friendly. You do not want to overdo or mix the colors on your wall, so it is always better to plan your color scheme according to your bathroom fittings and fixtures.

3. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall!

Try experimenting with one or even two mirrors in your space. Putting mirrors on opposite walls makes the space look larger and also allows you to view your outfit from multiple angles.

4. Stow Away Your Storage

Maximize your storage space by organizing cabinets below the bathroom sink or even getting a cabinet mirror above your bathroom. You can also opt for a walk-in shower to increase the occupied area of your bathroom. You can try out our walk-in tub services if you are based in Brooklyn, New York.

Old Bathroom Be Gone!

Just like that, you have a fresh bathroom in place of your old one. You can get tub cut services, professional bathtub refinishing, and bathroom reglazing in Brooklyn, New York, by simply contacting us if you want to go the extra mile while revamping.

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