Dip, Soak, Refresh: The Best Kinds of Bathtubs for Your Bathroom

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Bathtubs are the best part of a bathroom. These fixtures help you relax and unwind, but with so many available in the market, how do you know which bathtub is right for your bathroom?

From a drop-in bathtub to a walk-in tub Brooklyn NY, we will help you understand the purpose of some of the most popular kinds of bathtubs so that you can choose accordingly.

Free-Standing Bathtubs

Instead of the walls, free-standing bathtubs are connected only to the floor. Even though the clawfoot tub design is the most common among these bathtubs, you can also find bathtubs that have a sleeker, more modern design.

Free-standing bathtubs look great, but they require loads of space. Even though you can definitely install this bathtub in a three-sided alcove or tiny bathroom, cleaning around the tub will be a nightmare.

One downside to these bathtubs is that the plumbing is exposed. Hiding the plumbing is useless, but you can buy specialty plumbing parts instead.

Free-standing tubs are higher in price than drop-in or alcove tubs, but we can’t quote a price because this depends on the material the bathtub is made from. Acrylic and fiberglass tubs are lower in price than brass, copper, resin, and cast-iron tubs, so if you are on a budget, make sure to keep this in mind.

That being said, cast iron tubs are heavy and durable and are the best tubs if you like staying in the bath for long hours.

Walk In Tub Brooklyn NY

A walk-in tub Brooklyn NY is safe, comfortable, and convenient. Instead of bringing your feet up to step over the tub, you can just open the door of the tub, walk in, and sit down while it fills with water. Average bathtubs do not have the kind of safety and comfort features that walk-in tubs provide.

Did you know that most bathroom injuries are obtained in the bathtub, and the rate of these injuries only increases as you get older? Due to this, you should consider a walk-in tub for your bathroom.

Older individuals, as well as those with injuries, usually face a lot of anxiety over taking a bath, but this should not be stressful. You can help your loved ones feel independent and secure by switching to a walk-in tub.

The best part is that these tubs come in a number of different sizes. Some are also designed particularly for wheelchair users, so make sure to do your research before buying this tub.

Drop-In Bathtub

Tub cut Brooklyn NY

A drop-in bathtub is a tub that can fit into a pre-installed deck. The interior portion of the bathtub is finished, unlike the exterior, which is hidden by the deck.

Drop-in bathtubs require a peninsula or deck to be built that juts into the space. When you purchase this tub, you will find that there is a built-in rim, and the tub will have to be installed in the structure. Since these tubs require a lot of space, they are perfect for larger bathrooms.

If you are looking to give your bathtub a finished, renovated look, drop-in tubs are your best bet. We recommend that the inner structure of the tub be made from a durable material and finished with a waterproof surface. You can use the sides of the bathtub to store books, candles, shampoo, or soap.

The most common materials used to make drop-in bathtubs include cast iron, stone resin, fiberglass, and acrylic.

Alcove Bathtubs

An alcove bathtub is supposed to fit into a three-sided enclosure and is usually used in bathrooms to save space. If you have a small bathroom but do not want to give up on the idea of a tub, alcove bathtubs are perfect.

You can use these bathtubs for a shower/tub combination as long as the walls of the tub are fitted with tiles or panels. The best part is that alcove bathtubs are not too expensive and can easily be installed in any bathroom without causing too much breakage.

An alcove bathtub aims to boost the space in your bathroom- you can create a space for the bathtub, and it will fit tightly into it. Stone resin, acrylic, and fiberglass are usually used to make these tubs, making them durable and long-lasting.

Tub Cut Brooklyn NY

Are you wondering what a tub cut Brooklyn NY is? To put it simply, a piece of the tub is cut out from the front wall, and the rest of the tub walls are renovated so that the end result looks like a tub with a doorway.

Once contractors are finished with the tub-to-shower conversion, you will find that a few inches of the existing tub remain below. This is mainly so that water can stay inside the bathtub instead of leaking outside. A shower curtain can also be used to prevent leaks.

If you only have one bathroom that you share with your elderly parents, you do not need to worry- you can always insert the door back into the tub whenever you want to soak and refresh yourself with a bubble bath. Door inserts have a hinged door that will let you step in and out of the tub with ease. Once the door is closed, you do not need to worry about water leaking out from anywhere.

Anyone who has trouble stepping over a bathtub wall or cannot lift their legs to get into a tub will benefit from tub cut Brooklyn NY. This is particularly great for older adults who cannot move around too much because of their age or for those who suffer from injuries or muscle conditions.


Remember, the bathtub you choose should complement the space in your bathroom. If you have trouble figuring out what this means, get in touch with Reglazing Plus– our professionals can help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

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