How To Make Bathrooms More Accessible For The Elderly

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Seeing a loved one in pain is anyone’s worst dream. Taking care of an elderly person 24/7 is not possible, so the best tip is to transform your house into a haven for them. Slip and fall injuries are very common among elderly people. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that more than 2.3 million elderly people suffer nonfatal slip and fall injuries. A slippery bathroom only adds to their misery, so what can you do?

You can increase bathroom functionality by adding accessibility tools for safety and comfort. These adjustments enable elderly people to access the bathroom with walkers and wheelchairs without needing help. But what should you do when the bathroom is not big enough to accommodate a wheelchair?

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This post will tell you how to make bathrooms more accessible for elderly people.

1. Replace Rug with Non-Slippery Mats

Soft rugs can make your bathroom look cozy, but they are the real culprit in making the floor slippery. You must replace the rug with a non-slippery mat or get rid of it. Slippery surfaces are also dangerous for children, and a non-slip mat protects everyone in the house from slipping or getting injured. If you care about your loved one’s safety, then this is the first thing you should do!

2. Install Non-Slippery Tiles

Non-slippery bathroom tiles in black color

Again, slippery floors can put anyone in trouble. Bathrooms are supposed to get wet, and the ideal way to protect elderly people is by installing non-slippery tiles. Replace the marble or glossy tiles in the bathroom with textured surface strips. They can be easily glued to the floor with an adhesive. They enhance the bathroom’s look and come in many colors and designs.

They are also pretty affordable, so you can change them anytime you want without putting a dent in your pocket!

3. Make Sure Everything Is Within Reach

Another great tip is to keep frequently used items within reach of elderly people. They can lose their balance and fall by bending or stretching to reach an item. Make sure to install cupboards or railings where you can place all items.

4. Don’t Forget Hand-Held Showerhead

Hand-held shower for elderly in Brooklyn, NYC

Install a hand-held showerhead to let elderly people bathe with ease. It might be okay for you to shower with a showerhead 3-ft apart, but it’s not ideal for everyone in the house. You can install a hand-held showerhead, so they can bathe without needing help.

If that’s not an option, look for adjustable showerheads for their ease and comfort. You can find many options in the market.

5. Get More Lights In There

Lighting is another reason why slip and fall injuries take place. Does your bathroom look gloomy and dark even during the day? It’s probably time to get more lights in the bathroom. You can also install windows in the bathroom to let more sunlight in. It’s great to enhance the overall mood and increase the bathroom’s brightness.

Replace the burnt-out light bulbs with new fixtures to make the bathroom brighten up a little bit. You can also ask a contractor to replace light fixtures with modern lighting options to revive the whole bathroom’s look. It’s an excellent update that can completely transform your bathroom.

6. Install Grab Rails and Bars

It’s hard to walk on wet floors for elderly people, so make sure to install grab rails and bars. They offer exceptional support and enable them to shower without hurting themselves. Grab rails and bars are not just elderly-friendly but great for anyone.

You can ask a contractor to install them for you in the bathroom. Install them around the bathtub or outside the shower to prevent slip and fall injuries.

7. Replace Bathtubs with Showers

Lastly, replacing bathtubs with showers is quite necessary for elderly people. Bathtubs are not elderly-friendly. It takes up a lot of time and causes a great deal of discomfort to them. They can easily slip and fall while getting up or out of the bathtub. In addition, they might require external help to get a shower, which increases your workload.

If you decide to get a shower stall, don’t forget to place non-slippery mats and a hand-held showerhead. You can also call us for bathtub-to-shower conversions at an affordable price. We offer bathroom remodeling in Brooklyn, NYC, so call us now!

Accessible bathroom drawer for elderly people in Brooklyn

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