How To Perform A Tub To Shower Conversion

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Modern living depends on innovative solutions around the house that bolster efficiency and ease.

A tub to shower conversion can easily convert your old, rustic bathroom into an efficient bathroom for today that complements your lifestyle.

If you own an old house, the chances are that you have a toilet, a vanity, and a tub. This doesn’t leave much space for a shower. Luckily, the tub cut method can help you with that.

But before you get the tools out, it’s important to remember that DIY tub to shower conversions can lead to a disaster. A professional contractor, on the other hand, will assess the space and suggest solutions that are sustainable.

The following are some steps professionals take during the process:

Tear Out The Tub

Tearing out the tub isn’t an easy job. It requires breaking down the entire space and then building it bit by bit.

Tearing out the tub is essential because it frees up space for the shower installation. The contractor will also need to save as much of the plumbing system as possible to not drive up the renovation costs.

Build A New Shower

Retrofit The Plumbing

The shower enclosure will be built on the footprint of the bathtub. The contractor will have to carefully construct it to ensure that water doesn’t spill out of the shower or seep into the floor below.

Consider A Shower Door

Shower doors are used to contain water within the designated space. But if you’re going to install a shower door, you need to be mindful of the fact that the door should open without hitting the sink or toilet.

Retrofit The Plumbing

If you don’t want to opt for a full-blown bathroom remodel, you can always retrofit the shower faucets on top of your bathtub. But you’ll need to cut the bathtub wall to allow for the greater accessibility you were trying to achieve with a tub to shower conversion.

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