The Benefits Of A Tub To Shower Conversion

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A tub to shower conversion might seem like a chore, but it has the potential to give people more independence around the house. If you have a family member who’s beginning to experience mobility issues, you should consider converting your bathtub into a shower so they can access it without anyone’s help.

A tub to shower conversion can also bolster the aesthetic of your bathroom, especially if you invest in glass walls. The following are some the benefits of a tub to shower conversion:


Tub to shower conversions aren’t just beneficial for people with limited mobility. They’re a precautionary safety measure for the rest of your family as well. A study by CDC showed that most of the injuries that occurred inside homes happened inside the bathroom.

Bathrooms can be dangerous, especially when the floors are slippery or wet. Generally, a shower is safer than a bathtub because of its flooring being flat and there being little to no soap residue buildup.


Many homeowners opt for showers instead of bathtubs because they are much easier to clean. With an innovative shower installation, you can leave behind your days of scrubbing the bathtub floor of soap scum constantly.

A tub to shower

The Illusion Of Additional Space

A tub to shower conversion adds depth and gives the illusion of additional space to your bathroom. It will also lend increased space to your in-shower floor and let you move more freely.

While a tub to shower conversion does not add more space to your bathroom, it does free up a significant amount of space for the shower area.

Increase In Home Value

According to a study, innovative bathroom remodels can increase the value of your residential property by 54.6%. A tub to shower conversion also falls in this category of upscale bathroom remodels.

The study found that a tub to shower conversion would not only benefit you as a resident, but that it can also attract potential buyers to your property once you put it on the market.

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