Reglazing Vs. Liners: Which One’s Better for Your Bathtub?

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If your bathtub wears out or if you get tired of the color and look of it, you may consider replacing it. But that will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

With the advancements in the bathtub service industry, there’s a rise in many cheaper and much more durable options such as bathtub reglazing, refinishing, and lining solutions that you can opt for instead. The real test is knowing which option is best for your good old bathtub!

At Relazing Plus Inc., we specialize in bathtub refinishing and reglazing, and have gathered all the information you’ll need to decide if reglazing or bathtub liners is better for your bathing aide.

Let’s see how these methods work:

Bathtub reglazing

Bathtub reglazing is a process through which your old and worn out bathtub can be refinished to look anew.

By repairing the cracks, sanding the walls, and polishing a new coat, bathtub reglazing jobs add luster and shine to your dull and dry bathtubs.

If you hire reliable professionals who will do the job with finesse, your bathtub will end up looking glossy and smooth—all without the long and tiring process of a complete renovation!

Bathtub liners

Bathtub liners are acrylic inserts that are customized according to the size of your bathtub and are attached to it using a chemical compound.

The problem with bathtub liners is that they may become lose and provide ideal spaces for mold and mildew to grow between the surfaces. This may cost you more money, as you may have to end up replacing your entire bathtub.

This is one of the reasons why we think bathtub reglazing is a better option for your bathtub’s maintenance. Other reasons include:


Though bathtub reglazing and bathtub liners will both cost you less than replacement, reglazing will cost you much less than liners.

Before opting for one of these bathtub fixes, do your research to figure out which one is more cost-efficient!


Bathtub liners are custom made according to the shape and color of your bathtub.

The installation and manufacture of these components can take many days, whereas a bathtub reglazing job only takes a few hours.

However, you’ll need to wait for 36 to 48 hours for the reglazing to set before you can use your bathroom again.


A bathtub reglazing job is known to give a more polished look to your bathtub due to its ability to replicate the exact color of the article.

Bathtub liners are also slighter smaller than the interiors of your bathtub, which may make it an inconvenience for some people.

At Reglazing Plus Inc., we offer refinishing and remodeling services for your worn-out bathrooms and bathtubs in New York. So call us at 866-399-8827 for a quote or visit our website to get your bathtub reglazed!

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