Shower Your Blessings!

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While a relaxing bath is what you need at a day’s end; showers definitely take the lead when it comes to starting the day with a bam! And anyway, you can’t take baths in the morning, and be at work on time.

In comparison, you can take a shower anytime, anywhere! They’re quick, energizing and environmentally a better choice! As Grist calculated that a regular bath uses up 36 gallons of water and a quick shower can use up to 25 gallons of water (unless you do some soul searching and end up taking a 45-minute long shower!).

In fact, it seems that not only do showers help save water, but they also help save the natural moisture of your skin as compared to baths. Because the amount of water that makes contact with your skin is less than the tub of water that just consumes you!

#TeamBath or #TeamShower?

It seems the final verdict comes down to your personal preferences and also the size of your bathroom if you live in a tiny New York apartment! Whichever it is, we can help you! At Reglazing Plus, Inc. we provide professional bathtub refinishing services in Brooklyn, New York as well as the revolutionary Tub-Cut to shower conversions at affordable rates! Get in touch now to get a free estimate!

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