Bathroom Refinishing Vs Replacing: Which Is the Best Option?

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Finding it difficult to decide whether to go for a bathroom refinishing or replacement?

Bathroom refinishing and replacements are the two most commonly used methods for transforming old bathrooms into new and stylish ones. However, getting your bathroom refinished is a far less costly method than getting it entirely replaced.

If we were to recommend, we would definitely vote for bathroom refinishing. Here are some reasons why we would do that.

It Is More Pocket Friendly

Replacing a bathtub, toilet, sink or any bathroom fixture can be more costly than getting it refinished. Although there are certain circumstances when the damages is not reparable and refinishing isn’t an option. But, if there’s no such damage and it’s just that your bathroom looks dull, then getting it refinished might the best option.

Refinishing Is a Quicker Option

This one is especially for you if you have just one bathroom in your home or apartment. Replacing the bathtub, tiles, or counter top may take weeks until the entire process is done and the bathroom can be used again—that too with severe limitations. On the other hand, refinishing or reglazing your bathroom only takes a few hours to complete and you are allowed to use the bathroom after 24 hours. While there are some precautions that must be taken after bathroom refinishing, they are still easier to follow than with bathroom replacement.

No Risk of Permanent Damage

When you go for bathroom replacement, there is always some risk of potential damages involved. For instance, to replace your bathtub, the professionals may have to knock down your bathroom’s wall and cut it in half; which may also cause damage to the floor tiles. It must also be noted that all of this cannot be done without lots of heavy hammering and usage of noisy machines, which can destroy your mental peace for weeks! Why go through so much trouble when you can have similar results with bathroom refinishing—a safer, easier, and a more peaceful option?

When Not to Refinish

Despite all the benefits, there can be some situations when bathroom replacement is the only viable option. Do not refinishing your bathroom if:

  • If your bathtub, toilet or counter top has cracks
  • If the water leaks from your bath tub
  • If your bathtub is very old and of low quality
  • If your bathroom’s floor tiles are cracked
  • If you’ve just grown taller and can’t fit in the old bathtub anymore—well, here you got to replace it!

If you want to give your bathroom a new dazzling look without having to go through a fussy and troublesome process, get in touch with Reglazing Plus Inc.! We offer top-quality bathtub reglazing in Brooklyn, NY, as well as bathroom refinishing at minimal costs. Contact us at 866-399-8827 to learn more about our services.

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