Signs You Need a New Bathtub

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Bathtubs are an essential addition to modern-day bathroom remodels. Although they are durable fixtures, they can wear out with time. Abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can destroy the finish of porcelain or steel tubs.

Here are some signs that indicate your bathtub is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Chipped Tub

Chipping might not appear as significant damage, but it can grow into a large crack over time. When a tub loses its moisture barrier, it reflects a chipped surface.  It will rust and leak over time. Moreover, chipped tubs look unsightly and may feel uncomfortable when you bathe.


Leaks are a primary problem in worn-out tubs. They damage the foundation of your bathroom and cause mold growth. To detect a leaking tub, look for puddles on the floor. Also, if your tub reduces its water level after you fill it up for a bath, it’s probably leaking somewhere.

To avoid costly repairs, buy a new bathtub altogether!

Mold Growth

A woman sitting inside a rusty bathtub

Mildew and mold look gross and can affect your health. They are both types of fungi that can cause joint pains, migraines, allergic reactions, and respiratory issues. They damage the structure of your house and decrease its market value. If you aren’t using a moldy tub, the contaminants in the air can still harm your health. Getting a new bathtub would reduce your health concerns and increase your property’s value.

Difficult to Clean

Are you having difficulty cleaning your bathtub? Do you struggle to remove its stains? Your tub’s finishing has worn off, making it look dirty. Without a protective finish, bacteria, dirt, and germs can settle in the tub’s porous surface.

Hard water is another reason to explain your stained tub. In the US, 85% of households get hard water in the taps. It destroys the protective layer on the tub, resulting in grime that wouldn’t clean.

Outdated Color

There was a time when mint green, blue, and pink bathtubs were trending. If your house was built between the 1920s and 1970s, you might have colorful bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, colorful tubs can reduce the resale value of your house. Therefore, if your tub is old-fashioned, it’s time to get a new one!

Health Benefits

Bathtubs are designed to help you relax, but if your tub makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t fit your body’s contours, get it replaced immediately. A modern-day tub will give you a deep soaking experience, making a bath therapeutic. It comes with arm and neck rests and helps you soothe sore muscles. You can also consider buying a walk-in tub if someone in your house has mobility problems.

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