Bathroom Remodels Increase House Value: Myth or Fact?

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If you’re about to schedule a bathroom renovation project, you might be wondering how much it would increase your home value. Regardless of its cost and increased property value, a bathroom upgrade introduces a functional space for you and your family.

An average bathroom remodel increases your property value by 66% of the renovation cost.  The major contributing factors include repairing worn-out items, updating fixtures, and creating an energy-efficient space.

Read on to find out:

  • Which home improvements increase property value
  • Mistakes to avoid when renovating a bathroom
  • Whether an updated bathroom is worth the cost.

Bathroom Improvements That Increase Property Value

Start with plumbing fixes as leaky and old pipes devalue a house. Install new fittings and non-corrosive pipes to enhance the longevity of your pipelines. Next, introduce new wiring to reduce brownouts and shorts. You can also add extra storage in your bathroom remodel and ensure it’s accessible to everyone.

To make a bathroom more welcoming, install new lighting. Adding fixtures over the mirror, showerhead, and toilet will make light reach all corners of your bathroom.

Adding Function to Your Bathroom Remodel

Add function to your bathroom remodel by installing energy-efficient fixtures. These save water and power, increasing your property value. You can also add durable surfaces for shower tiles, countertops, floor tiles, etc., that are easier to clean and improve your bathroom renovation project.

A bathroom that brings comfort to its users also adds to the home’s value. Therefore, consider adding a shower seat, heated flooring, or a skylight over the bathtub to make your bathroom appealing and relaxing.

Mistakes to Avoid

A gold and white themed bathroom

Not all bathroom renovations add value to your house. Therefore, avoid the following mistakes when having a bathroom remodel:

  • Using high-end materials- investing in stone floors or marble countertops won’t necessarily increase your property value. In fact, it could even turn away potential buyers.
  • Using high-tech luxuries- avoid installing television or speakers in your bathroom. No one will pay top dollar for it.
  • Adding trendy colors and personal details- to get your expected ROI, use neutral colors and good quality tile materials.
  • Creating an ultramodern bathroom- a bathroom with lots of metal and glass wouldn’t suit a traditional home. Therefore, homeowners should
  • avoid this mistake and ensure their bathroom suits their overall home’s style.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, a bathroom renovation brings twice the ROI as a new bedroom. It sees plenty of foot traffic every day and should be welcoming and functional. A small bathroom that lacks space and storage will hinder everyone’s daily routine. Therefore, make your bathroom functional and increase your house property by utilizing the mentioned techniques.

If you’re looking for a bathroom renovation service in Brooklyn, reach out to Reglazing Plus Inc. Our team excels in installing modern techniques and eco-friendly designs that will not only make your bathroom comfortable but also increase your property value. Contact us today for more details.

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