Things To Consider When Designing A Commercial Bathroom

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Commercial bathrooms are quite different from residential bathrooms. They need to cater to many people and have to be convenient, yet cost-effective for the business. Whether you own a hotel, motel, gym, restaurant, retail store, mall, café, or office complex, it’s essential to have a well-planned bathroom.

There’s a lot to consider when designing a commercial bathroom. Essentially, it needs to have moving parts, which is why planning is so important.

Here are some important considerations when designing a commercial bathroom:

Number of occupants

The number of people you choose to cater to when it comes to a commercial bathroom affects the overall design. If you have a major sports complex or gym, the bathrooms need to be designed in a way that there isn’t a huge queue for the shower.

Likewise, if your restaurant or café is large, a small bathroom with few cubicles won’t suffice. Understanding the expected demand will help you come to a conclusion on how many cubicles, sinks, showers, and hand dryers will be needed.

Spacious cubicle at a restaurant


No matter what business you’re in, you want the bathrooms fixtures to be durable. With more people using a commercial bathroom in comparison to a residential one, you have to invest in fixtures and fittings that won’t break or wear away easily. For example, a wooden countertop might look luxurious and be durable, but wood is susceptible to water damage as well as scratches and stains.

Materials like high-density polyethylene, on the other hand, provide exceptional durability. This material is resistant to dents, scratches, stains, and mildew. HDPE also reduces environmental impacts and improves indoor air quality.

Water savings

The choice of bathroom fixtures is essential. Your choice determines the initial and long-term costs to your business. The average toilet requires 1.6 gallons of water per flush. A high-efficiency toilet utilizes 1.28 gallons of water. You can save 0.32 gallons of water per flush, which amounts to thousands of gallons of water saved every year.

Maintenance and upkeep

Opt for bathroom materials that can be maintained easily as well. That way you won’t need to splash out every few years to have the tiles and fixtures redone. Just a simple reglazing can help refresh the look of the bathroom. With reglazing, you can change the color of your commercial bathroom as well. Having the bathroom professionally reglazed gets rid of any damage to the tiles.

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