Tips to Help You Avail the Best Bathtub Reglazing Services in Brooklyn, NY

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Old and dingy fixtures detract from the look of your modern, beautiful bathroom. Chipped, discolored, and worn down bathtubs, sinks, and showers call for immediate repairs and maintenance.

When it comes to reglazing a bathtub, only quality materials and professional expertise deliver the best results.


Let’s be honest, finding the right bathtub reglazing contractor in an area that’s as expansive as Brooklyn, NY, is beyond stressful. To help you out, here are four main factors to take into account before signing a tub reglazing contract with a reglazing company.

A beautifully reglazed bathtub with silver tap and caddy

1. Request for Recommendations

It’s wise to do some reading before finalizing a deal with a reglazing service provider. Gather some reviews and recommendations from friends who have previously availed the company’s services, and in case you can’t find references, take your search online.

Going through customers’ reviews, testimonials, and previous project images is a great way to examine the quality of the company’s services.

2. Check for Company’s License

Don’t get wooed by the glamorous pictures of shiny bathrooms on a reglazing company’s website. No matter how aesthetic the ads are, it’s vital to ensure the integrity of their actual services first.

The state of New York has specific guidelines for home renovation contracting companies, so take advantage of them. Moreover, always ask for the contractor’s license number.

3. Inquire About Service Warranty

Having a warranty on bathroom reglazing services saves you from additional costs down the line. If the company doesn’t provide a warranty, it means something’s fishy. It’s highly recommended to hire a reglazing service contractor that offers at least a 5-year warranty.

4. Does the Contractor Have Enough Industry Experience?

How long has the reglazing company been in business? The answer to this question is the final piece of the puzzle.

Hiring a company with extensive experience ensures integrity in their services. You can expect the best-quality bathtub reglazing because highly skilled technicians will perform the job.

Take your time to find the best company; one that offers exactly what you need. Contact us now to get more information about our bathtub reglazing services at Reglazing Plus, Inc. in NY.

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