Tub Reglazing vs. Tub Replacement: What to Choose

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Refinishing or changing out your bathtub can drastically improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

A new paint job and brand new tiles may look unsightly next to a stained bathtub. However, people often get confused while deciding whether to replace or reglaze their bathtub. Here are some factors that will make this choice easier for you.


Reglazing a tub isn’t as simple as it may sound. The process has several stages. However, these stages can vary depending upon the technique and materials being used. It typically starts with a professional cleaning the bathtub’s surface thoroughly. Acid is applied to the tub’s surface, followed by a glaze, once it’s clean. This acid roughens the tub’s surface, which allows the glaze to adhere durably to the tub’s surface. Once the glaze is cured, the tub’s surface is buffed, sanded, and polished.

During a bathtub replacement, the amount of labor involved is much higher. Typically, it starts with demolishing the tub. Pieces of the demolished tub are removed after that, and finally, a new tub is installed. Moreover, some flooring and pipes may also need replacement to fit the new tub.

Time and Uncertainty

The amount of labor isn’t an indicative measure when it comes to bathtub replacement or reglazing. Both require almost the same amount of time unless no additional problems occur during the replacement installation or demolition phase.


If you are replacing the tub yourself without hiring any labor, the process may cost you less. However, if you’re hiring professionals for the job, then reglazing will cost significantly less than a replacement.

It is important to understand that both replacement and reglazing require expert skill, and it is highly recommended to hire professionals for these services. Moreover, the reglazing kits available at stores either don’t turn out to be effective or wear out very quickly.

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