Tub To Shower Conversion: The What, The How, And The Why

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A bathroom can make or break your home’s resale value. A bathroom renovation is an investment that guarantees profitable returns. According to a survey, for every dollar you spend renovating a bathroom feature, you’ll increase your home’s market value by $1.72.

Are you thinking of changing your bathtub to a shower? A shower is a wonderful alternative if you prefer to get refreshed in the morning. Bathing in a traditional tub is inconvenient for those with disabilities. Showers are spacious and elegant, providing a safety net for your elders.

Take a look at this guide to understand the tub-to-shower conversion process.

1. Measure Your Bathroom Area

The first step is to measure your bathroom area and draft a blueprint of your conversion plan. Your bath area is the most used part of the bathroom, and it should be wide enough for you to shower comfortably. Thirty inches is an ideal width for any shower area. However, you can demarcate more area if your bathroom space allows it.

2. Pick A Shower Type

The next step is to select a suitable shower for your bathroom design. A complete replacement can be a large project, requiring a lot of money and time commitment.

However, if you don’t like your existing bathtub’s size, shape, or location, a conversion can give you another chance to customize your space. Thanks to innovations, you now have several elegant options.

3. Call A Reputable Service Provider

After selecting the shower type, it’s time to call a professional for the job. Ask your contractor about their safety procedures, the impact the renovation will have on your home, or what time they will visit each day. Before picking a service provider, check their credentials and ask for referrals.

4. Preparing The Area

The professionals will first examine the area and start tearing down the existing bathtub. The best thing about hiring a reputable company is they will make sure the bathtub is removed without damaging the bathroom structure.

5. Installing The Shower

The professional will then carefully install the shower’s base and doors. After this step, they will add the final finishes, like polishing the glass doors to give a shiny look.

A bathroom with a modern-style shower

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