10 Vintage Accessories To Add to Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom doesn’t need to look like every other one out there. You can house in a ton of personality and flair to your bathroom by adding a touch of vintage.

Even modern and minimalistic bathrooms can benefit from it!

You don’t need to go all crazy — even incorporating one or two elements will do. Plus, vintage décor fills a space up with warmth and coziness, all of which a good bathroom needs!

Here are a few vintage elements you can add to your bathroom:

A Vintage Color Palette

Add a nostalgic charm to your bathroom by using black, white, pastel, or mint-green backsplash and tiles. These shades, although truly vintage, also have a fresh, modern feel to them.

Add a Claw-Foot Tub

Claw-foot tubs are timeless! If you want a focal point that gives your bathroom a super enchanting feel, install a claw-foot tub. You can go to an antique store, buy an old model, install it and then hire our bathtub reglazing service to make it as good as new!

A white bathroom with glazed windows and mirrors

Go with an Antique Mirror

There’s nothing like an antique mirror. Install it above your bathroom vanity and let it give your space a cottage-like, old-world charm.

A Vintage Vanity

You don’t need to buy an expensive new vanity when you can repurpose an old cupboard, credenza, or washstand. Anything that looks a little old, and has a slightly washed-out color (or not, white goes wonderful too) will do!

A Vintage Towel Stand

Towel stands are necessary, but skip a modern one and choose a vintage stand instead! (You can also add a ladder for the same effect). It’ll carefully and intricately complete the look of your vintage bathroom.

A Vintage Bathroom Set

Let’s not leave décor out of it. Add a ceramic or bronze bath set to your bathroom for a refreshing yet cozy, vintage look.

A Vintage Door

How about vintage cabinetry? You can install a vintage, wooden door or cabinets to give that classic wooden vibe to your bathroom! (you can be a little extra and install vintage door knobs as well!)

Barn Lighting

Lighting matters. If you’re opting for a timeless bathroom, install scones that give that barn effect.

Vintage Signs and Décor

Since we’re already splashing out on the vintage look, don’t forget to add additional vintage features like signs, plants, paintings, postcards, or photographs. You can also put a nice mint-colored candle holder for some added oomph.

A Vintage Rug

If you have a bathtub, don’t forget to install a vintage rug near it. It’ll give your space a cozy feel and go well with the aesthetic.

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