3 Ways to Facelift an Average Looking Bathroom

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An average American spends around 30 minutes in the bathroom while one in four individuals can spend up to an hour on a daily basis.

If we, as a nation, are spending that much amount of time in our washroom, why should we settle with an average looking one? Might as well spend your time admiring the washroom, the lavish details while enjoying the comfort, right?

Not all of us have the finances to uplift a bathroom with gold toilets that cost $6 million dollars—unless you’re Trump. Hence, we’re here with the following ways through which you can uplift your average looking toilet in no time:

Upgrade Fixtures

There’s no way you can add any ornaments in your bathroom without fixing your faucets, scones, sink and your fixtures. These are the basics of a bathroom and need to be looked into before you start with transforming the space into a luxurious spa.

If your faucets are leaking and your sconces are out of date, they need to be replaced. Only changing these two can transform your bathroom and it does not even involve changing the tiles or paint.

Moreover, you can paint the walls and any cabinet white without changing the color of the tile. This will automatically make the color and style of your bathroom tiles pop with a cleaner and distraction less background.

Paint the Tiles

Instead of ripping your old and worn out tiles—which will cost way more than this simple trick—you can paint your existing tiles. Even if you want to do the work all by yourself, you should consult a professional before starting the project to understand what color will best suit your bathroom and which primer and material should you use.

If you don’t want to paint your entire bathroom floor, you can do it in a pattern. Do you like chess? Paint the alternating tiles black!

Add Color—But Not Too Much

If you need more character in your bathroom, you should consider adding fun wallpapers, curtains, painted vanity doors and ceiling fixtures. Bathrooms are the safest place to experiment and try a bit more daring things that you wouldn’t try in your living room. But since it’s a small space, adding too many details can make it look smaller.

Remember that you’re trying to work with whatever space you may have—avoid going overboard with the color scheme and the monuments. Keep what you need and can manage!

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