5 Bathroom Upgrades That Can Add Value To Your Home

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The bathroom of your house is an integral part that is usually overlooked. If you want to add value to your house, you should invest in a modern and chic bathroom upgrade. Your bathroom has to be both functional and stylish. Bathroom renovations can add up to the overall value of your house. Here are 5 main bathroom upgrades to add value to your house.


Replacing old wallpapers or painting with a fresh coat is the first thing to consider. To protect your bathroom’s walls from mold and algae, choose anti-microbial paint. If you want to go with wallpaper, make sure it is antifungal or waterproof.

Maintain the wider appeal and value of your house by sticking to neutral schemes like taupe, grey, or beige. To add a hint of color, you can place linens, curtains, and bath mats of your choice.


There are many top brands with modern and sleek faucet designs that you can choose from. It’s time for you to ditch your traditional faucets and choose a stylish and functional faucet. You can opt for smart technology and go for a touchless faucet. The motion sensor will allow you to activate the water flow and stop it when you remove your hands. Avoid overly stylized faucets, which might be too intimidating for your overall bathroom look.


The whole of your bathroom can be transformed with lighting, but functionality should always come first. You can set the mood of the space with modern, tech-savvy, and natural lighting. You can choose energy-efficient lighting like LED and place adequate task lighting in the required areas.


Good quality modern flooring designs, tiles, countertops, sinks, and cabinets can be a game-changing feature for your bathroom. You can install pedestal sinks to make your bathroom look more spacious and clean. Water-resistant and easy-to-clean bathroom flooring can make a huge difference too. Moreover, smartly placed cabinets will provide more storage space to keep your things.

Showers and Tubs

Many people are skeptical about the value added by a master tub, whereas others have always preferred their bathrooms with tubs. If you are not sure whether to have one or not, you can consider a few things. A tub can add a spa-like feature to your bathroom especially freestanding bathtubs. You further upgrade with attractive surrounding tiles to enhance the tub space. Tubs can also be a good seating option for aged and mobility-limited people.

contemporary style bathroom with white and floral interior

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