5 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Bathroom

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Many things that we keep in our bathrooms shouldn’t really be there. We make these mistakes without knowing, but it can even prove to be dangerous.

Here are a few things you must never keep in your bathroom.


So many people make the mistake of storing their medicines in their bathroom cabinets. It is something you must never do! Almost all medications come with a label that says they need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Your bathroom is anything but dry. Medicines lose their efficacy when exposed to humidity. They can also become soggy and unsafe for use under these conditions, especially if they don’t come with desiccators.

The same goes for multivitamins that become ineffective if stored in a humid space. Always keep your medicines and multivitamins away from moisture.

Furry Mats or Rugs

Many people try to spruce up their washrooms by adding furry rugs and mats near the toilet and bathtub. These mats and rugs quickly become a haven for bacteria. The last thing you want in your bathroom is a material that absorbs every harmful thing and give bacteria space to live.

These mats and rugs are also prone to odors as water may absorb quickly, leaving behind an unpleasant smell. To avoid both these problems, find waterproof mats and rugs made with easily cleaned material.

Non-Waterproof Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment like straighteners and hair dryers are often kept in the washroom. They run the risk of catching fire if the moisture in your bathroom interacts with the socket or their internal machinery. It is important to steer clear of all electronic equipment that can become a fire hazard. Only use ones that specifically say they are safe to use in the presence of water.


No matter how much you try to keep your bathroom clean, it’ll still be riddled with millions of unseen bacteria. Razors, if reused, shouldn’t be kept inside the washroom to avoid bacterial infections. Your razor may cause tiny cuts on your body, exposing you to bacteria. It’s especially easy for the washroom’s harmful bacteria to make their way inside if they have colonized your razor.

Keep your razors outside the washroom, especially when you’ve used them once and plan to reuse them.

Clean bathroom with waterproof accessories

Wooden/Antique Pieces

Your bathroom is one place that you must never keep wooden or antique pieces in. Your bathroom is more humid than the rest of your house. Any object that is prone to water damage will go bad very quickly in the bathroom. Wood is especially at risk of absorbing water and losing its texture. The same goes for antique items that lose their essence with water damage.

If your bathroom theme calls for such accessories, make sure to find waterproof ones to avoid paying replacement costs.

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