Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Elevate Your Home in 2023

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As we settle into 2023, many individuals are getting busy thinking of ways to achieve their goals for the year. Other than the usual fitness and financial targets, many people also set house remodeling resolutions to increase their satisfaction with their homes. Out of them, restroom renovations are one of the most common ones.

Bathrooms are important in our home, where we unwind after work and enjoy quiet time. So, it makes sense to want an elevated space to spark feelings of relaxation. Moreover, with spa-like bathroom renovation ideas dominating the trends, it’s high time to create your own.

In this blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into top bathroom renovation ideas for 2023 to ensure your remodel job is chic and aesthetically pleasing.

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Full Reglazing: An Affordable Way to Revamp Bathroom Spaces

Though everyone wants a bathroom remodel  job, it can be difficult to actually have them. That’s because, despite these renovations giving a solid return on investments, many homeowners don’t have that kind of money lying around.

a reglazed bathroom

However, what if we tell you there are ways to make your bathroom look as good as new without spending a fortune on it? If it sounds too good to be true, consider taking a look at reglazing options!

Yes, the number one bathroom renovation idea for 2023 is full bathroom reglazing. It is less than half the cost you’ll have to spend installing new tiles, cabinetry, etc. In fact, it can even save you thousands of dollars as complete tile or cabinetry replacement is a renovation most homeowners get. This is because these areas of the bathroom, especially the tiles, start to look old and worn out over time. This can derail the bathroom’s visual appeal and make it seem like the room warrants a full remodel.

Reglazing makes the surface of the tiles look glossy and helps to ensure they’re resistant to stains. Not only does the procedure make your bathroom look new, but it also applies a protective coat that protects the surface from water and chemicals and prevents liquid absorption.

Bathtub reglazing is also important as the porcelain of the tub chips, rusts, and stains over time. Since they are the focal point of the room, an old bathtub can make for a lackluster bathroom. The procedure restores the quality of the bathtub and makes it look brand new. In fact, no one will be able to tell your tub is old. In addition, the reglaze will also last around ten to fifteen years if given proper care.

Another great benefit of bathroom reglazing is that it doesn’t lead to construction and demolition-related annoyances. It’s also finished quickly, so you can complete the renovation swiftly and efficiently.

Moreover, many reglazing companies will also change the color of your tiles or tubs according to your liking. This brings us to our next bathroom renovation idea for 2023.

The Color of Your Bathroom Can Change Its Appearance

Not only does changing the color of your bathroom impact its visual appeal, but it also affects your mood. This is called color psychology, a study of how different shades influence our mood and behavior. Since bathrooms are a place of relaxation and peace, choosing a hue that elevates your mood and helps you feel calm is vital.

a bathroom with colored tiles

We recommend you opt for white or blue tiles. This is because white tiles create a sense of comfort and safety. Since the color makes the bathrooms seem like a blank palette, it can help decrease emotional distress. The hue will also create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. So, it’s a great choice for those who want to make their small bathroom look bigger.

That being said, it’s important you balance it with accents to prevent it from looking like a sterile hospital room.

Blue is another color that induces feelings of freshness and serenity. Since it resembles the color of the sky, it can help make you feel at ease.

Replacing Your Hardware Is a Cost-Effective Fix

While we’re on the topic of cost-effective bathroom renovation ideas for 2023, we can’t forget to mention hardware replacement. It is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to take your bathroom to the next level. This is especially true if you choose faucets, handles, knobs, and other fixtures that are in line with current trends.

We recommend you opt for hardware and fixtures that are brassy and metallic to bring some bling into the room. Gold, bronze, copper, and champagne color are the best choice to add visual contrast to your tiles and give the washroom a facelift. However, it’s imperative you use the same metal for the entire bathroom and don’t overdo it to keep the sleek, modern appeal of your space.

Tub Cuts Can Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

While most of the bathroom renovation ideas for 2023 in our list focused more on the visual appeal of the room, it’s just as imperative to think about its functionality. After all, a washroom’s functionality should always be the main priority when considering renovations. However, most homeowners shy away from it, worrying it will lower the room’s aesthetics.

Tub cuts are a renovation procedure that is both functional and stylish. This procedure involves turning a bathtub into a stylish walk-in shower using state-of-the-art technology. Not only does it make bathrooms look sleeker, but it also substantially decreases the risk of falling for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

a modern bathroom

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