How Much Does Refinishing a Bathtub Cost

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Bathtub refinishing is ideal for solving various bathtub-related issues; however, refinishing comes with its unique challenges. First, bathtub liners can trap water, and you may lose the beauty and look of your bathtub.

What’s more, you wouldn’t want to DIY a bathroom refinishing or bathroom renovation of any sort if you are looking to get a first-rate finishing. Hiring a professional bathtub refinishing company such as ours will help you complete your project in time using the right tools and services.

However, refinishing a bathtub can be an expensive endeavor which is why you need to know about the expenses beforehand to avoid any unwanted expenses. Let’s discuss some important costs to help you understand better.

Bathtub Reglazing Costs

On average, bathtub reglazing or refinishing can cost around $480. The range is usually between $335 to $629, including labor and materials. The size of the tub may also affect the price.

It’s worth noting that reglazing is done to give your tub a fresh new look. This means that reglazing is less expensive compared to a bathtub replacement, and you can update your bathroom at an affordable price.

What’s Involved?

The process of reglazing or refinishing an old bathtub or painting a new one allows you to cover or fill any scratches or dents to give your bathtub a new glossy look. Homeowners may consider DIYing this project, but this can end up costing you more without the appropriate refinishing tools and expertise.

Hiring a professional like us is the safest option if you plan to get your project completed the first time properly. What’s more, depending on the resurfacing requirements, the costs can vary. Generally, Porcelain resurfacing costs around $350-$600, Fiberglass resurfacing costs around $300-$1000, and Cast-Iron resurfacing can cost around $350-$600.

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Get Your Bathtub Refinished at An Affordable Price in New York

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