How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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Bathrooms are prone to getting dirty easily as they are the most used rooms. Bathrooms can quickly become unhygienic if they are not cleaned regularly. Mold can form on the surfaces, plugholes can become clogged with hair, limescale can develop on showerheads, and so on. Not maintaining the bathroom properly might need you to require bathroom remodeling.

Read on to learn some tips on how to keep the bathroom clean.

Regularly Wipe the Surfaces

Germs harbor on the surfaces of the bathroom. These germs can get covered in hair, toothpaste, watermarks, and soap; therefore, they must be kept clean. With regular cleaning, you can keep your bathroom surfaced clean and sparkling. You can use regular anti-bacterial bathroom cleaners and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. You can keep your bathroom clean and prevent dust and spots by regularly cleaning the bathroom.

Clean the Toilet Twice a Week

Cleaning the toilet might seem like an unpleasant job to most people. But it is extremely essential to keep the toilet clean. Germs can build up rapidly as many people use the toilet every day. You are recommended to clean the toilet with anti-bacterial spray and toilet cleaner at least twice a day. Generously spray the entire toilet before wiping it with a cloth. Use bleach to clean the toilet bowl and let it sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing it with a brush and flushing it.

Clean the Bathroom’s Glass from Limescale

The glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors, or shower doors need to be properly cleaned every week. Glass cleaning requires specific cleaners so that the glass isn’t damaged. Avoid using coarse cleaners or scourers while cleaning the mirrors and glass as it will make them dull and leave scratches. You can also use foaming bathroom cleaning sprays and wipe them carefully with a cloth. If there is still any limescale left, you can use a bit of bleach mixed with vinegar to clean the limescale.

Clean the Shower Curtains

Many people do not pay attention to shower curtains while cleaning their bathrooms. People hardly remove and wash the shower curtain. If not cleaned every once in a while, the shower curtain can grow mold and harbor germs. The shower curtain can be washed in a washing machine on a monthly basis. If the shower curtain is not washable, it can be placed in a bucket and cleaned with bleach-filled water. After that, hang the water curtain in the dry sunlight to maintain the shape.

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