How to Maintain A Refinished Bathtub

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Now that you own a freshly refinished shiny and sleek bathtub in your bathroom, you must be wondering how to keep it that way? The answer is simple. Regular cleaning using soft non-abrasive liquid cleaners. Most refinished bathtubs have a reglazed coating that is delicate and needs to be carefully cleaned. These high-maintenance coatings require daily cleaning with soft sponges. It’s important to use soft sponges to prevent scratches or paint damage.

This blog will elaborate on the basics of bathtub refinishing, including tips on keeping the refinishing intact.

Bathtub Refinishing 101

All bathtubs consist of an outer layer that gives them their shine and sleek look. Owing to regular use, the uppermost layer of the bathtub, also known as enamel, breaks down. As a result, the bathtub loses its shine and appears discolored and dull. To deal with that, homeowners opt for bathtub refinishing.

Bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub resurfacing, deals with restoring the enamel layer. It does so by refreshing the uppermost surface of an old, worn-out, and dull-looking bathtub. The resurfacing process includes removing the water drains (if any) and repairing the damaged areas on the bathtub. Once the damage is addressed, the next step is to prepare the bathtub surface for etching with acids. Etchings increase the adhesion property of the layer, thereby providing a solid platform to attach new layering.

Maintenance Of Refinished Bathtubs

When it comes to keeping the shine intact of your newly refinished bathtub, there are some factors that you need to practice rigorously. Some of these tips are given below.

Use Soft Cleaners

The coatings used on glazed bathtubs are delicate and break easily if rubbed with harsh chemicals. This is why most homeowners prefer using non-abrasive cleaning liquids. Using such liquids prevents any harsh cleansers from scratching the new paint and damaging the coating.

Avoid Steam Cleaning

Although steam cleaning your glazed bathtub may seem like a lucrative idea to get rid of the dirt stored in the tub, that may not be the case. Steam can significantly damage the finishing of a glazed bathtub. If somehow it gets underneath the top layer through cracks and breaks, it can further increase the extent of the damage. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of your bathtub coatings and save your money from going down the drain, avoid steam cleaning your bathtub.

Power Washes Are a Big No

People often use power washes to clean their bathtubs. They presume that a pressurized water stream will eliminate any dirt or soap junks and residue in the tub. However, they fail to realize that the gushing stream of power washes directly damages the enamel of the bathtub. Compared to other bathtubs, glazed bathtubs tend to be more delicate and require high maintenance.

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