How to Select the Best Bathtub Reglazing Company

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Are you looking to revamp your bathtub’s appearance? You’ll need the help of a bathtub reglazing company. Bathtub reglazing is not a simple enough job and is best done by professionals with years of experience. Here are some tips that can help you select the best bathtub reglazing company in your area.

License and Insurance

Any good company providing a service like bathtub reglazing will need proper licensing and insurance. Make sure your bathtub reglazing company possesses these essentials before you can start discussing things further.

Prior Experience

Generally, a company with many years of experience is better to choose as they will have skilled professionals expert at handling any possible issues that may arise later on. With their knowledge, an experienced bathtub reglazing company will be able to guide you on whether reglazing is the best option for your bathtub’s current state. They could recommend other options which may be more suitable for your bathtub, such as refinishing or even replacement.

A bathtub shining after a reglazing procedure is done


The best bathtub reglazing company will take time out for a consultation before quoting you a price. Their representative will measure the bathtub and carefully assess other features, such as the plumbing system connected to it. They will also ask for your input and hear your requirements to provide you with better guidance and understand your issues. A company that offers you a flat rate without listening to your needs won’t be of much help in the long run.

After-Sales Service

Any great service provider will have an equally excellent after-sales service. The same goes for bathtub reglazing companies. In case of any issues, the company should send their representative as soon as possible and not charge you extra for these after-sales services. They will also provide you with their after-sales contact information for better reach and quickly resolve your issue.

Bathtub reglazing is an important process that needs to be done correctly; otherwise, serious issues can arise with your bathtub or plumbing system that may cause hazards in the bathroom. If you’re looking for a great company for bathtub reglazing, contact us! Reglazing Plus, Inc. provides bathtub refinishing and bathroom remodeling services in Manhattan, NY. Book your consultation appointment today!

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