Signs You Need to Reglaze Your Window

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Windows are essential for home comfort. They allow sufficient natural light, improve ventilation, and provide a view of the outdoors. While high-quality windows can last a lifetime, certain factors can cause them to wear and tear over time. Thus, to think that your home windows will last a lifetime without regular care and maintenance would be an overstatement. Look out for the following signs and utilize reglazing services to promote your window’s lifespan and boost property value:

1.  Cracks and Chips on the Windowpane

A window pane is susceptible to cracking and chipping over time. Intense heat, stormy weather conditions, and pressure impact can cause windows to damage. Even minor cracks require repairs and reglazing services to withstand harsh weather effectively.

2. Signs of Condensation

Condensation happens when gas or vapor transforms into liquid. If the temperature of the windows drops below the dew point, the air surrounding them will become liquid. Condensation is a clear indication that your windows need reglazing. It represents that the glass panels may have a leak or that their gas cavity needs a fresh sealant.

3. Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills lately? There’s a high chance your windows have lost their insulation property, failing to maintain the indoor temperature. As a result, your air conditioning and heating units overwork and cost you more on utility bills. Therefore, contact window reglazing services to promote your window’s lifespan and reduce your electricity bills significantly.


4. Your Windows Look Old

Your windows probably need a fresh glaze if they appear old and worn out. Contact reglazing contractors to restore your window’s shine and visual appeal. Well-maintained windows can also improve your home’s curb appeal and bring profitable returns on investment whenever you plan to sell your property.

5. Drafty Windows

Are you having difficulty keeping your home warm during the colder months? Maybe it’s time to inspect your windows for drafts. Check the seals around your window pane and consider glass refinishing services to resolve the issue of drafty windows.

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